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Bangor Concrete Cleaning For Safer Walking & Driving Surfaces

Concrete Cleaning

Revive your Bangor pavement with expert concrete cleaning from the pros at Grime 2 Shine Solutions! Concrete is tough but a good cleaning once in a while can go a long way! Grime 2 Shine Solutions's concrete cleaning services have you covered in more ways than one!

We provide professional commercial pressure washing for Bangor businesses. This means if you have a concrete surface like a parking lot or sidewalk we've got you covered! Do you need storefront cleaning? Or have a problem with graffiti? No problem! Our pros have the best equipment and experience to tackle your biggest jobs!

Grime 2 Shine Solutions is also proud to offer extensive residential pressure washing that covers concrete surfaces like driveways and patios so that every area of your home looks pristine and welcoming!

Get premium concrete cleaning from Grime 2 Shine Solutions! Call us at 207-300-5935 to book an appointment for your property.

Pavement Cleaning To Make Your Property's Exteriors Look Great

Your pavement is more than likely going to see heavy use, whether it's from foot traffic or vehicles so keeping it looking great can feel like a challenge. But it's a challenge the clean team from Grime 2 Shine Solutions is ready to help you tackle!

Concrete cleaning is a fast way to make your concrete look like new again! In only a few hours property owners can expect to see great results. Pressure washing is the ideal way to remove deep stains, weeds, old gum, animal droppings, and anything else that has built up on the surface of your concrete.

Concrete cleaning is a simple way to add beauty to your property.

Commercial Concrete Cleaning: Upgrade Your Property's Visual Appeal

If you own a commercial property chances are you have a large area of concrete. Parking lots, parking garages, sidewalks, drive-throughs, gas stations, you name it! But if it needs cleaning, you can count on us!

Our experienced pressure washing technicians are ready to help you. Concrete washing will remove layers of grime and restore your concrete so that it looks like new again, adding to the professional appeal of your store or business.

Frequently Asked Concrete Cleaning Questions

Yes! Pressure washing is a great way to remove deep stains that hand washing can't touch. Whether it's from mold or mildew or spills of paint or oil, pressure washing will remove unwanted stains and discoloration so that your pavement looks as fresh as the day it was put in.

We sure do! Corrosive chemicals like oil and grease can cause problems with your concrete's structure if left too long. While old stains from chewing gum or spills can just look unappealing. Concrete cleaning will lift stains and leave your concrete bright and looking like new again.

If sidewalks are part of your property then getting sidewalk cleaning is a smart idea. Sidewalks are created to guide guests to the front door or lead you to your garden. You want them to not only look good but be safe to use. Removing slippery moss and weeds and cleaning away dirt build-up keeps them clear and looking great plus adds to the overall beauty of your property.

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