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Professional Fleet Washing To Make Your Bangor Vehicle Care Simple

Fleet Washing

Bangor business owners that need fleet washing depends on the clean team from Grime 2 Shine Solutions. Why us? because we are the best at what we do. We work hard for business owners to ensure their vehicles are always looking top-notch!

But our services don't stop there. Our wide selection of premium commercial pressure washing services is available to help Bangor business owners keep their businesses looking professional all year long.

  • Building Washing: Building washing will polish up your exterior in no time! Professional building washing can transform your building's look and feel as well as add to its value. Annual washing will remove stains, dust, soot, streaks, and fingerprints so that your facility makes a positive impression every time.
  • Commercial Concrete Cleaning: Concrete is used a lot for commercial properties. Having it cleaned is a smart investment that can add to the property's overall value. Concrete cleaning lifts dirt, tough stains, weeds, and build-up so that your concrete is bright and fresh. Concrete cleaning has you covered! From parking garages to drive-throughs! Keep it looking great with concrete cleaning from Grime 2 Shine Solutions!
  • Storefront Washing: Make a great first impression with storefront washing! Regular cleaning will keep stains, dust, fungus, and fingerprints from building up and making your establishment look old and tired. Storefront washing will instantly revive color and make your storefront pop!
  • Graffiti Removal: Call us to erase signs of vandalism as soon they show up. The rapid graffiti removal team from Grime 2 Shine Solutions will quickly assess the situation, and get to work, safely cleaning and removing all signs of spray paint, marker, or other signs of vandalism so that your surface looks like new again.
  • Warehouse Washing: Keep your commercial property clean and safe with warehouse washing! Regular warehouse washing is a simple way to remove build-up and help avoid things like rust. A clean cared-for building adds to your overall property value and makes professional washing a great investment for your business.
  • Flee Washing: Your business vehicles are like your calling card to make sure they are always looking their best! Fleet washing will remove dirt, salt, and grime from the exterior to help preserve your paint job. While it cleans underneath to remove any buildup and help prevent rust. Keep your fleet looking great and running great professional fleet washing from the pros at Grime 2 Shine Solutions!

Whether you need fleet washing for your business or other pressure washing services, the experts from Grime 2 Shine Solutions are always up for the job! Contact us at 207-300-5935 to schedule an appointment for your business.

Mobile Work Vehicle Cleaning For Work Vehicles That Give A Good First Impression

Your vehicles are like mobile business cards so you want to ensure you're always making a great first impression. This means keeping them sparkling. Fleet washing makes light work of removing grime from your paint so the color stays vibrant and eye-catching.

Fleet washing is also ideal for cleaning away dirt and buildup from the undercarriage that can lead to damage and rust. This helps keeps your fleet on track and helps you avoid expensive maintenance bills.

Questions about fleet washing for your business? Call us at 207-300-5935 to speak with our knowledgeable team.

The Importance Of Truck & Trailer Washing For Your Work Vehicles

It's important to ensure your vehicles are always in top-notch shape. Fleet washing from Grime 2 Shine Solutions will take the looks of your company cars up a notch so that they are always sparkling.

Fleet washing is a great investment for your business for multiple reasons. Not only will your vehicles always be looking their best but by removing undercarriage grime and buildup you keep them running smoothly too!

Frequently Asked Fleet Washing Questions:

When you want polished results you call in the experts. The pros at Grime 2 Shine Solutions have experience and skill plus commercial-grade equipment to deliver first-class results you won't get at a car wash. Plus higher a team saves you time. We arrive on-site ready to clean. There is no driving your vehicles back and forth. We do the cleaning so you can focus on other things.


Let Us Wash The Algae Away.

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